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The Finals Adds New Community Event, Quality-Of-Life Fixes In Update 2.4.0; Read The Full Patch Notes

Embark Studios has deployed The Finals update 2.4.0 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which comes packing a new community event as well as various quality-of-life improvements. Read the full details below.

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New Community Event!

It’s time again to work together as a community for a special prize! This time, you’ll be touring the globe on the Power Shift Platform! Not just once, but 10 times around the Earth! Push and pull that platform far enough and everyone will win a pink Historical Hi-Fi boombox to wear in the Arena! Fail to go the distance and the item becomes an unreachable relic! YOU CAN DO IT!

There will be a leaderboard tracking individual success (with distance added based on your collaborative team effort) which you can find here.

Now for the notes!

This week we are making quality-of-life improvements, adding some new functionality to contracts, another mode to Private Matches, and fixing bugs.

Players can now track up to 5 contracts inside the game, and you can find options in the settings menu to determine how much (or how little) information is displayed. You’ll also see improvements to the backfill settings on Power Shift, the removal of the glitching UI when eliminated, and a smarter Battlepass that always jumps to your current page.

Finally, we’ve added Solo Bank It to Private Matches and have fixed a number of contracts in the career circuit that were causing headaches to the majority of players.

All this and more! Read the details below:


  • Fixed an issue where turret sounds could linger if you quickly picked up the Guardian Turret after placing it down.


  • Fixed an issue where the deployment preview of placeable gadgets could be seen while being revived
  • Fixed an issue where the Mesh Shield could be deployed while emoting
  • Fixed an issue where the Dematerializer could interact with Goo
  • Fixed an issue where you could pick up objects during an interaction
  • Fixed animations sometimes retriggering when entering a Gateway
  • Fixed an issue where Guardian Turrets would target respawning Defibrillated players who are immune to damage
  • Added functionality allowing projectile weapons, such as different Grenades, the RPG, MG32L, and CL-40 to pass through friendly teammates

Dev note: This change is to address repeated issues where players would damage themselves if a teammate passed close by them right as they fired the weapon

  • Fixed an issue where players using a Riot Shield would not trigger mines
  • Fixed an issue where the throwing arc preview would still appear after a throw had been canceled
  • Fixed an issue where some objects, such as Barricades, could travel upwards too quickly when affected by the Anti-Gravity Cube


  • Power Shift
    • Improved rules for backfilling on Power Shift mode. Players should no longer be backfilled into matches if the platform is within 20% of its final destination
  • Solo Bank It
    • Added to Private Matches
  • Practice Range
    • Fixed an issue where mines would not be triggered by bots


  • Seoul:
    • Fixed overlapping assets
  • Las Vegas:
    • Improved far shadow distance in lighting
    • Fix for fog bleeding through walls on low and medium-quality settings
  • Monaco:
    • Fix for players getting stuck on balconies in certain situations
    • Adjusted the glass on the construction site crane so you can throw grenades through them


  • Fixed incorrect tutorial video for the Goo grenade
  • First-person animations now loop when being previewed
  • Added support for zooming in on character items in the Battlepass and Store
  • Added tracking ability for up to 5 contracts
  • Fixed the request respawn button not being responsive
  • Tweaked squad intro cameras in Power Shift
  • Fixed an issue where first-person animations sometimes would not get equipped
  • Fixed the UI shaking after being eliminated
  • Fix for some players showing up as diamond league rank in the scoreboard when rank could not be fetched in time
  • UI Polish for the Scoreboard
  • Set the current Battlepass page to be shown first


  • Fixed an issue where melee swings would not play after a charge and slam


  • Frame rate limit setting will now default to 60 on laptops for new installs

Dev Note: This will help to prevent thermal issues causing heavy stuttering on some laptops. The frame rate limiter can be disabled or adjusted in the video settings menu.

  • Upgraded FSR2 to version 2.2.1 to fix a memory leak
  • Fixed an issue where fog would bleed through walls on lower-quality settings


  • Replaced “Win 1 Tournament” with “Deal 750 Fire Damage to Opponents” in Circuit 1, Stage 3
  • Reduced “Deal 5000 damage with grenades” to 2500 in Circuit 1, Stage 1
  • Reduced “Get 11 kills in one round” to 6 in Circuit 1, Stage 4

Security Updates

  • Fixed an issue that kicked players from the game and displayed error code TFAV1012
  • Gradual rollout of Secureboot enforcement for Win 11 to prevent cheats from running
  • Removed identified game executable vulnerabilities
  • Enhanced rules for suspensions, including updated limitations for leaderboard presence
  • Updates and improvements

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