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The Finals Update 2.8.0 Patch Notes Reveal Community Event, Quality-Of-Life Improvements

The Finals has received a new update today that brings support for a community event as well as numerous quality-of-life improvements. Embark Studios has confirmed the full list of details in The Finals update 2.8.0 patch notes, which you can read below.

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We are hosting a community event in honor of our last week of Terminal Attack! If everyone in the community can pull together to achieve a total of 7 MILLION eliminations in TA this week, everyone who contributed will earn a sweet prize: canvas shoes to add to your cute-mmunity look!

Content and Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where hand gesture animations were overriding the Mesh Shield animations, resulting in broken character poses
  • Fixed an issue where throwing animations would not play while inspecting weapons
  • Added an intro animation in terminal attack to improve the round countdown


  • Player Voice lines will now only play for teammates and not opposing players


Anti-gravity Cube

  • We made the cube heavier so that it doesn’t get pushed as easily when hit by other objects
  • Fixed a bug where objects would lift much faster than intended when they were attached together
    • This also prevents an exploit in which the cube could be carried upwards together with the objects it’s lifting, causing entire structures to traverse upwards into the sky endlessly

Dome Shield

  • Fixed an issue where it was not able to be glitched when the center was occluded


  • A new carriable object has been added to the Arena: Glitch Barrels
    Dev note: Glitch barrels are carriable objects. Pick them up and throw them to apply their effect in an area, or shoot them to detonate them from afar. The Glitch barrels apply the same effect as Glitch Grenades, removing the target’s ability to use their Gadgets and Specializations.
    Fixed an issue where players were able to start opening a Vault during the beginning of an emote
  • Fixed an issue where the Cashbox was incorrectly dropped far away from the player if it clipped through the map border
  • Interactions such as using a zipline, pressing elevator buttons, and interacting with a revive statue should now be more responsive, especially on console/gamepad
  • Improved visibility of barrels in dark and monochrome areas
  • Fixed a bug with sliding where auto-sprinting players could get stuck between the crouch and sprint state
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to deal damage to their teammates
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in goo when running up to it
    Dev note: This will only fix the issue outside of moving platforms. We know that goo sometimes behaves strangely on moving platforms and are looking into it for a later patch.


All Maps

  • Rooftop reflections have been improved


  • Tweaked the zipline at the Museum entrance so you exit earlier automatically instead of it taking you all the way to the ceiling


  • Power Shift: Adjusted spawns to balance out the distances to the platform and to reduce how often you have to run after the platform when defending


Terminal Attack

  • Added a distinct sound change on the Terminal when there is only 15 seconds left to stop the decryption
  • The icon for the terminal will no longer appear in the center of the screen when decryption starts
  • Due to a known issue that could not be resolved in time, players can only swap weapons and gadgets between rounds and not in spectator mode after elimination


  • Ping wheel additions and changes
    • Added new ping messages “Breach here” and “Hold this Position”
    • To make room for the two new pings “Hype” and “Danger” have been moved/removed. Hype is added to the expression wheel, replacing “Need Help.” “Danger” is removed from the wheel but still accessible via double-tapping the ping button on any target
    • Support/Social pings are now located at the bottom of the wheel, while tactical options are on the top half
    • “Going here”, “Defending here” and “Attacking here” in the Ping wheel are now called “Go here”, “Defend here”, and “Attack here” to make it clearer that they are requests to your team, and consistent with the character voice lines
  • Updated several event log messages related to pinging game mode relevant objects to communicate the context more clearly
    Dev Note: There are still some events missing their proper messages. They will be added in the future!
  • When holding the ping wheel on your own ping now we only show the remove option to make it clear that you pinged an existing ping
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes made it impossible to cancel the ping wheel
  • Fixed UI elements being drawn on top of the in-game menu in Terminal Attack
  • Flipped background opacity for dead/alive players in the scoreboard
  • Updated contestant icons
  • Fixed an issue in frontend where clicking buttons multiple times in short succession would cause them not to register
  • Updated required round completion on a terminal attack contract from 10 to the intended 14
  • Changed the key bind for “Hide UI” from F12 to F10
  • Changed the order of tiles for Quickplay
  • Updated the lighting on Player Cards



  • Can now clear higher obstacles when activated on the ground to reduce instances where players get stuck on geometry



  • Improved backstab validation
    Dev Note: We’ve received a lot of feedback about Backstabs not feeling as good. Hopefully, we’ve rectified that issue in this patch. The only way to tell is to let you try it and then gather your feedback!
  • Fixed so that the aim assist for backstabs now synchronizes with the swing, rather than triggering at the start of the charge-up.

All Melee Weapons

  • Improved hit validation for all melee weapons
  • There is now a setting for turning melee aim assist on/off in the “Gameplay” section
  • The aim assist and lunge range are slightly more generous for quick melee
  • We have changed the way sprinting gets blocked when attacking with melee weapons and using quick melee, so that sprint is only blocked through parts of a swing, instead of the whole duration of the attack. This is tweaked on a weapon-to-weapon basis
  • The sprint toggle no longer gets canceled by melee attacks, so players don’t have to re-toggle spam to efficiently chase their target while attacking

Riot Shield

  • The shield can now be raised more quickly after performing an attack


  • Is now correctly marked as a Marksman Rifle instead of a Melee Weapon in the menus


  • Updates and improvements

Known Issues

Heads up! There is an issue with all gamepad presets (except for “Modifier Button Equipping”) which causes players to equip weapons when pressing the “Interact and Equip Weapon” button, which is not intended. This will be resolved in the next patch, but until then, please go into the controller settings and fix it by clearing the “Weapon” bind. Sorry for the inconvenience!

[Source – The Finals Update 2.8.0 Patch Notes]