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The Indiana Jones Game Being An Xbox Exclusive “Financially And Strategically” Made Sense To Disney

Indiana Jones fans across the games industry were elated when the news came out that a brand new game based on the historic adventurer was on the way, but those fans who only own a PlayStation console were far less excited.

That’s because the game is being developed by MachineGames, a studio under Xbox Game Studios, and the coming Indiana Jones title will indeed be an exclusive title for Xbox consoles.

It’s a big get for Xbox, no question, though there’s also no question that the game would potentially sell more by also being on PlayStation. But for Disney, having it be an exclusive on Xbox still made sense, both “financially and strategically.”

“Xbox still being one of the bigger marketplaces for games, we didn’t feel like we were going to be overly exclusionary. We felt like it’s still going to reach a broad set of folks, and we felt, financially and strategically for the game, that made sense at the time.” said Sean Shoptaw, Disney’s head of gaming in a recent interview.

Surely a fair few PS5 owners would dispute that analysis, but it still is true that there are plenty of Xbox players around the globe that could and will likely entice more licensing deals like Indiana Jones to be Xbox exclusives.

Source – [Axios]