The Last of Us ‘one of gaming’s most important titles,’ says Troy Baker

The voice actor who portrayed Joel in The Last of Us has stated that Naughty Dog’s critically-acclaimed horror title is among the most important video game releases of all time.

Speaking with Kinda Funny Games, Troy Baker, who starred in the post-apocalyptic romp alongside Ashley Johnson, commented:

"I think The Last of Us was one of the most important games for gaming, period, just for the mainstream reach that it had… The thing that I’m so happy about with The Last of Us: Remastered is the fact that so much of that world plays a part in that story, so to be able to really finally see in full-res the painstaking detail [the developers] put into that game – that really speaks to you, that informs you about the world and the experience."

"I think it went hand-in-hand with the fact that story became so important, and people were trying to figure it out,” Baker added.

He also admitted to ‘butting heads’ with The Last of Us Lead Writer, Neil Druckmann, on many occasions on a creative level throughout the development process. However, he was full of praise for the team, saying he “put so much trust into” them. 

Baker previously described Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as one of the biggest games he’s ever seen. The actor will also be appearing in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End this year as Nathan Drake’s older brother, Sam.

Those of you hoping for a sequel to The Last of Us may be disappointed to learn that any potential follow-up has been put on ice while the team works on Uncharted 4.