The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Pro HDR patch – before and after images

Naughty Dog has released the latest patch for The Last of Us Remastered for users to download, which adds the much-anticipated PlayStation 4 Pro HDR to the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic title.

The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Pro HDR out now

While The Last of Us Remastered update 1.7 includes support for PS4 Pro, the HDR component is available to enjoy without Sony’s upcoming high-end PS4. If you’re curious as to how the game is shaping up with all the new visual bells and whistles, then be sure to check out the comparison images below. 

The Last of Us was originally released on the PS3 in summer 2013, and chronicles the story of survivors Ellie and Joel in a world ravaged by a deadly fungal outbreak. The game’s visuals were considered a showpiece for Naughty Dog’s ability to squeeze every ounce of juice out of the aging PS3. Sony later ported the game to PS4 the following year with various visuals enhancements.

The game scooped numerous accolades from the videogame press, and went on to sell over seven million copies worldwide. The Last of Us 2 is rumored to be in development at Naughty Dog, although nothing official has been confirmed at the time of writing. 

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The Last of Us Remastered HDR screenshots