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The Lords Of The Fallen Will Include Seamless Co-Op, Reveals Hexworks

Speaking with EDGE magazine, Cezar Virtosu, Creative Director at Hexworks, has revealed that the upcoming The Lords of the Fallen will offer “seamless and untethered” co-op.

Virtosu told the publication that co-op in The Lords of the Fallen “aligns you with the radiant church,” which is a faction that calls upon PvP invaders. Furthermore, Virtosu suggests serving “Umbral itself,” which requires players to battle against a tough AI opponent to avenge the deaths of fellow gamers.

Elden Ring and other Souls games required players to meet certain parameters to gather friends together, including using specific times including furled fingers or white sign soapstone before summoning another player — and only if you have enough souls tucked away.

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Elsewhere, Virtosu admitted that the game will be compared to Elden Ring, something which they didn’t seem too bothered about.

We’re seeing comments like ‘Elden Ring meets Bloodborne’ and ‘Elden Ring meets Diablo’. That’s hugely positive for us.

The Lords of the Fallen is scheduled for release on PS5, PC and Xbox Series X/S, with a release date yet to be announced. The game was originally announced way back in 2014 following the release of the first Lords of the Fallen, and was initially pegged for a 2017 release.

However, the project run into numerous problems during development, with original creators Defiant Studios parting ways with CI Games before Hexworks took over.

[Source – EDGE Magazine via TheLoadOut]