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The Outer Worlds Update 1.5.1 Arrives With Design And Quest Fixes

Obsidian Entertainment has announced that The Outer Worlds update 1.5.1 is now available to download for PlayStation, PC and Xbox formats, and it comes packing a range of fixes for quests, design and other areas.

The patch follows hot on the heels of The Outer Worlds update 1.0.7 for when played on PS5, which you can read more about here. Read The Outer Worlds update 1.5.1 patch notes below.

  • Achievements added for ‘Peril on Gorgon’ and ‘Murder on Eridanos’

‘Murder on Eridanos’ Specific Bug Fixes


  • Fixed various lighting issues
  • Fixed various typos and spelling errors
  • Improved various lipsync animations
  • Improved various textures
  • Fixed some spots where players could become permanently stuck
  • Improved overall collision


  • Reduced the spawn rate of some enemies in the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve
  • Updated the Rizzo Security Guards near the Distillation Station so that they will attack the player if attacked first
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs on the VIP Floor may not become hostile to the player
  • Improved the performance when attacking specific enemy types with a melee weapon
  • Updated the “Wormed Out” Flaw to provide the player with a 25% reduction in the effectiveness for Consumables
  • Fixed an issue where companions would stop talking to the player after the player investigated the Prophet of Profitability
  • Included a fix to prevent the player from hacking SAM while on the Unreliable
  • Updated the detection range of the Discrepancy Amplifier for some pieces of evidence
  • Redistributed lootable items and added locks on other items in some locations
  • Mascot will now react appropriately to being threatened
  • The Lawyer will now act appropriately if the player aims their weapon at him


  • Fixed an issue with “Escape!” where NPCs were not behaving appropriately
  • Fixed an issue in “The Bird Drug” where Ella Tinsley would not allow the player to progress further

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