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The PS5 Was Reportedly The Biggest Console Launch Ever In The UK

Publishing sources talking to VGC have reportedly confirmed that the PS5 was the best-selling console at launch ever in the UK, topping the PS4, which sold at least 250,000 units.

VGC has previously reported that the Xbox Series S/X sold around 155,000 units on its first day, meaning the PS5 topped this number by a large margin. The most popular version of the PS5 was the regular edition according to these sources, meaning consumers are still opting for a disk drive when the option is presented to them.

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Given the fact both consoles were in short supply, however, we can assume that Sony and Microsoft would have enjoyed greater sales for their consoles if more stock was delivered. The fact both companies managed a successful launch in the middle of a global pandemic, though, is a huge accomplishment in itself.

Sony announced last week that the PS5 had given the format holder its biggest hardware launch to date, and that the system was already tracking ahead of the PS4 during the same time frame.

The PS5 is available now.

Source – [VGC]