The Witness wallpapers are gorgeous desktop art

Thekla, Inc., the independent development home of Braid creator Jonathan Blow, has released a host of desktop wallpapers for The Witness.

Blow’s first post-Braid effort made its public debut at the PlayStation 4 reveal back in February, and will be a timed exclusive for Sony’s next-generation console when it launches next spring. I saw The Witness at a private E3 screening, and I came away very intrigued.

And let me tell you, these wallpapers look almost as beautiful as the game in motion.

Hit the link below for the full-size wallpapers, and bookmark the page while you’re at it. Thekla wants to create a dedicated media section on The Witness’ website for stuff like this, but they’re "working hard to finish the game, however, so it’s not exactly a high priority."


Kyle Prahl championed hard for The Witness to win PSU’s Best Indie award at E3 2013. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.