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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Update Patch Notes

The latest update for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands numbered is out, and it marks a new weekly in-game mini event, along with a few fixes here and there.

This week’s event is Treasure Ahoy, where players will want to stick to Sunfang Oasis and Crackmast Cove to get more gold from enemies.

The featured run in the Chaos Chamber has also been updated, with this weeks run featuring Wastard and Doll the Troll.

You can check out the full patch notes for all the changes and fixes, here.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Update Patch Notes

Change Notes:

  • Health Vials will no longer fill a Fatemaker’s Health Bar during Save your Soul
  • The achievements “You, Esquire” and “So Much for That Guy” are now able to be completed properly in co-op
  • Trim in Sunfang Oasis has been repainted to be prettier for Fatemakers
  • Cultist Leader no longer sounds like a member of the Bone Army

Assault Rifle Adjustments:


  • Base damage is no longer treated as if it was firing an extra projectile
  • Individual Sawblades now deal 5% increased damage instead of 1% increased damage
  • Sawblade duration decreased from 4 second to 1 second
  • Damage Scaling increased by 60%

Crossbolt Generator:

  • Increased damage scaling by 71%
  • Increased Ricochet Damage Scaling by 32%
  • Fixed an issue where Crossbolt Generator would not roll with Barrel Mod Parts. Note: This will not affect current items

Manual Transmission

  • Sped up Mode Swap speed by 20%
  • Increased Damage Scaling by 15%
  • Increased minimum Fire Rate by 30%. The initial fire rate starts faster to do damage sooner

Rogue Imp

  • Damage scaling is now correctly treated as if it fires an additional projectile
  • Adjusted Damage Scaling by 18.4%

Thunder Anima

  • Addressed an issue that was causing Thunder Anima to not be treated as an Assault Rifle. This change results in a 25% increase to the Base Weapon Damage, and will also cause stats on items that affect Assault Rifles to properly apply to Thunder Anima

Source – [Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands]