Top 5 most requested Final Fantasy characters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

A few weeks ago we asked you, our readership of PlayStation aficionados, the following question: Which Final Fantasy character would you like to see in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

With the inclusion of Big Daddy and Heihachi Machinima in Sony’s upcoming mascot-brawler, it’s clear that SuperBot Entertainment is willing to give third party video game characters a shot at making the roster—so why not Final Fantasy?  

We took votes from our comments section, forums, and facebook page. Here are the top 5 most requested Final Fantasy characters. Square Enix, take note.

5. [TIE] Squall Leonhart – Zidane Tribal (6% of all votes)

Seems like y’all can’t decide between FFVIII and FFIX; Squall and Zidane are our only tie on this list. Both being lead protagonists in their respective games, these heroes are not similar in the slightest. From the very start of FFVIII, it’s clear that Squall is not a cheerful teenager; he’s socially awkward, introverted, and very unfriendly. Zidane, on the other hand, is a flirty, cheerful little dude with a tail. Both heroes do, however, share one thing in common, and that’s their troubled pasts.

4. Tidus (7% of all votes)

Your favorite “Blitzball” savant, Tidus, nabbed the number 4 spot on this list.  He’s quick, agile, and always ready for a fight. Almost always upbeat and energetic, Tidus is the Final Fantasy version of a “surfer dude,” and can kick some serious monster tail.

3. Lightning (8% of all votes)

The only character introduced in the current generation of consoles, Lightning represents both FFXIII and FFXIII-2. She’s calm, calculated, and ready to take on the world. She dons slightly varied military attire, and shows everyone around her that she means business. Plus, she was included in Sony’s “Michael” commercial, remember?

2. Sephiroth (20% of all votes)

Of course, Sephiroth takes one of the top spots on this list—but not the first! It’s easy to get annoyed by all the fanboy love he gets, but let’s face it, Sephiroth is, and will always be, one of—if not the most—revered, badass, and downright evil villains ever seen in a Final Fantasy game. He killed someone we all loved, and we’ll never forgive him for that, the bastard.

1. Cloud (25% of all votes)

Unsurprisingly, FFVII makes its mark on this list, spawning the two most requested Final Fantasy characters for PlayStation All-Stars. He’s known for his spiky blonde hair, emo attitude (he was emo before emo was “in”), and enormously out of proportion sword. Sure, there are a ton of other characters we’d love to see included (come on, guys… no love for FFIV?) but Cloud is so iconic by now that it would be weird not to choose him. He’s on the cover of FFVII. ‘Nuff said.