Turning Point pushed to 2008

The bottom of the Codemasters press release has indicated that their new WWII game, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, will indeed miss its November 2007 goal. The game has now been slated for early 2008, but a specific date has yet to be announced.

Spark Unlimited is currently developing the title in which the Nazis actually win WWII. In a sort of twilight zone episode gone horribly wrong, the game’s opening scene depicts the German’s “all-out” assault on America. From the vantage point of the main character, Dan Carson, players will have to make it down a skyscraper in NYC and join the underground civilian army pitted against the powerhouse that is Germany. This is where the game’s innovation/differentiation begins. Now players will be on the reverse side of an invasion and become the resisting force rather than the battering ram.

Global communications manager for Codemasters went on record saying, “In order for Turning Point to fully realize its epic vision, a further investment in the game’s development period is being made…”

Even though it is now pushed back the game still looks promising. Fans of games like Freedom Fighters should view this game as top notch. PSU would also like to point out that the first hands-on demo will be seen at Leipzig, so if you get a chance to attend, be sure check out the Codemasters booth.

Stick with PSU for any further developments and news from Codemasters.