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Ubisoft Is Looking To Test Early Builds Of Skull & Bones Through An Insider Program

Ubisoft have given us our first bit of Skull & Bones news in a while, and it’s that they’re looking for testers to join their “Insiders Program”.

Those selected will be playing early builds of Skull & Bones, and share their feedback with the team. You can check out their tweet making the announcement here:

The program is only available to those who can play on PC, and the recommended specs seem to require some high upload speeds.

According to Ubisoft, the pirate-based title is still set to release in their next fiscal year, which puts the release anywhere between April 2022-April 2023.

Unfortunately for Skull & Bones, it falls into a category of games that were just announced too early. It was 2017 when we first laid eyes on the promise of Skull & Bones.

Now in 2022 we’re finally at the point where Ubisoft is talking about it releasing, after hearing about delay setbacks and development issues that whole time.

Hopefully it is able to live up to expectations, since if it does release in 2023, that’ll be six years of anticipation.

Source – [Twitter]