Warhawk to have Midnight 8/28 PSN release

Sony will be distributing the downloadable version of Warhawk on Tuesday August 28th at 12:01 AM Eastern Standard Time (9:01 PM PST) for $39.99 USD/$42.99 CAD/£19.99 UK or €29.99.


The retail version ships on the of 28 of August also, but European fans will have to wait until September 21st to purchase the retail version.

Through various gameplay modes such as Team Deathmatch, Territories Mode and Capture the Flag, players engage in cooperative online play or fend for themselves against enemies in thrilling and daring combat.

During battle, players can take command of the most advanced war machine in the fleet, the Warhawk, capable of aerobatic dogfights at high speeds or hovering over ground troops providing tactical support.

Whether in the air, or on foot, Warhawk provides a thrilling and intense experience to those who seek it. PSU can’t wait to fly the skies this August 28th, 2007.