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Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline Expansion Story Trailer Fully Revealed At Ubisoft Forward 2021

watch dogs legion bloodline ubisoft forward 2021

After appearing prominently on Ubisoft’s content roadmap, Watch Dogs: Legion’s Bloodline DLC expansion finally received a meaty story trailer at today’s Ubisoft Forward event, showcasing what players can expect from this ambitious expansion on PS4 and PS5.

Boasting an all-new story campaign which unfolds before the events of the main game, Bloodline brings back original series protagonist Aiden Pierce, who is trying to find his nephew, alongside Watch Dogs 2 resident bad boy, Wrench. Not only do both Wrench and Aiden boast their own story missions, but they also have their own abilities and progression trees to boot. Even better, both characters can feature in the main campaign as playable entities too.

You can catch the Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline story trailer below:

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Watch Dogs Legion is available now on PS5 and PS4. Bloodline launches for PS5 and PS4 in on July 6, 2021.