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WB Montreal Still Silent On New Batman Game Despite Continuous Rumors

Developer WB Games Montreal still isn’t ready to budge in regards to its long-rumord Batman title, after the game failed to show up last week during the Inside Xbox 2020 event. Not that it was ever confirmed to appear there, mind.

New Batman Game – When Will We See It?

Writing in a new post on Twitter, the Batman Arkham Origins studio acknowledged the enthusiasm for its next project, but that’s about all it had to say on the matter.

Thank you very much for the enthusiasm for our next project. At this time, our channel will showcase the studio: Who we are and why we love making games! So stay tuned!

The new title, rumored to be Batman Arkham Legacy, has been in the works for years now, although an official reveal continues to remain elusive. The game was tipped to appear at The Game Awards 2019 and last week’s Xbox event, but obviously that failed to happen.

When will we see the new Batman game? Who knows, but if it’s out later this year as reported, hopefully the Dark Knight will show up soon.