What is your most anticipated feature for the PlayStation Vita?

 The PlayStation Vita will be releasing in Japan on Dec. 17, and it will be bringing with it a wide variety of features. We at PSU ask which feature is the one feature that will make or break a purchase, and, overall, which is your most anticipated feature for the Vita? Is it:

Dual touch screens – which allow for a more interactive gaming experience

Dual joysticks – opens the doors to shooters and free camera games

Front and rear view cameras – allow for potential environmental input, as well as media and social advantages

3G – constant connectivity to social networks and game saves

Near – used to find nearby players and leave "gifts" and challenges for them to find

Play – cross-game connectivity and chatting

Or, are the upcoming 26 launch games more appealing than an overall feature? After all, what would any of these features be without properly manipulating content?

Share your thoughts with us!