Why We’ll Be Heading Back in Time for Desperados III

Gamers everywhere have been looking forward for the release of the latest in the Desperados series – after all, it’s been 13 long years since the spin-off game Helldorado was released and 14 since Desperados 2: Cooper’s Revenge.

Of course, since then we’ve been treated to Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar which has not only rekindled an interest in games set in the Wild West, but also raised the bar considerably.

So what can we expect from Desperados III when it’s officially released on June 16?

Unlike some games developers, THQ Nordic have been pretty open with details about the new version. For a start, we know that it’s going to be a sequel to the very first in the series and, as such, it will fill in some of the backstory of our main protagonist, John Cooper. His bride to be, Kate O’Hara, and trusty sidekick Doc McCoy, who play such major roles in the whole series, will also be introduced.

There are also a couple of new characters who promise to spice up the action: these are a circus strongman called Hector who travels with a bear trap and keeps an axe handy in case it’s ever needed to get him out of tight situations. Then there’s Isabelle, a mysterious newcomer from New Orleans.

More detail has been revealed in an in-depth interview with producer Jonathan Riedler. Among the information he shared was the fact that players will be able to assume the identities of any one of the five main characters and that, as you might expect, it’s going to involve completing a set series of missions. However, these can be replayed a number of times, each time with a slightly different objective. As a result, he estimates that it could take up to 35 hours to complete the game.

In terms of tone, he also described it as a “lighthearted approach to the genre”. However, it’s also certain that there will be numerous life or death situations as players work through the missions as their chosen character.

The re-boot of Desperados is proof of the continuing fascination of the Wild West for developers of all kinds of games. We’ve already mentioned RDR2 and a more unexpected example comes in the form of the Desperados Wild online slot. A popular choice with players, this features all the images you might expect on its spinning reels including bottles of bourbon, sticks of dynamite and sheriff’s badges. It’s also made more authentic with a classic saloon-bar piano soundtrack as you play.

One of the most unusual Western games of recent years has to be 12 is Better Than 6. Instead of the hyper realism striven for in RDR2, the action is depicted in a hand drawn black and white style in which the only other colour is the red of spilt blood. It may have received mixed reviews, but it still has its fans.

THQ Nordic will certainly be hoping for a far warmer reception for Desperados III – and all the signs are that they will get it.