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Wild Rumor – Starfield Cancelled, Sony To Buy ZeniMax Media

It’s only January 2, but we’ve already got ourselves a right corker of a rumor (and one that we honestly can’t see coming to fruition) regarding Sony and The Elder Scrolls publisher, ZeniMax Media.

Sony Eyes ZeniMax Media, Starfield Canned

Reportedly, the console manufacturer is in talks to purchase the industry giant and all its accompanying developers. If that wasn’t wild enough, the deal will apparently be completed early next month, and Starfield, the next-generation RPG from Bethesda, has been cancelled as a result.

Yes, you read that right. Starfield is reportedly scrapped, with Bethesda instead looking to go full steam ahead with The Elder Scrolls VI.

Furthermore, the studio is also allegedly planning to remake previous Fallout games, but further details haven’t been revealed. To cap it all off, all the info comes from a Reddit member called ‘Zenimaxinsider.’ Well, it’s got to be true then, right? Nah, get on your bike, mate.

Sony is obviously in the process of strengthening its first-party portfolio ahead of the PS5 release in late 2020, but the chances of them snapping up someone like ZeniMax Media is about as likely as Basil Fawlty winning Host of the Year.

As for Starfield, well, there hasn’t been many details on the game released to date, but we know it’s coming out before the next chapter in The Elder Scrolls franchise.

It’s been a fair old wait for The Elder Scrolls IV, though; Skyrim, the previous game, came out way back in 2011, and we still don’t have any idea when the new title will arrive. It’s guaranteed to be a PS5 game at this point, however, and probably won’t hit shelves until a few years into the next-generation cycle for that matter.

Fallout remakes certainly sound interesting, and considering how popular revamping older games is as of late, it’s not out of the question.

Source: Reddit