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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s Latest Action Trailer Shows Off Plenty Of Intense Gameplay

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty PS5 Review

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s latest action trailer from Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo shows off even more of the intense gameplay players can expect when it finally launches this coming March.

The almost two-minute long trailer jumps from one action sequence to another, cutting gameplay in with cutscenes, all of which looks as fun as it does chaotic.

You can check out the new trailer for yourself, here.

With the Nioh franchise as a precedent, Team Ninja fans are going to have high expectations for the combat in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, which we already know won’t feature different difficulty modes.

It’ll be interesting to see what’s different about the combat in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and what will remain familiar for Nioh veterans.

Following Nioh’s success, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty isn’t the only project that Team Ninja currently has on the go, as Rise Of The Ronin is also currently in development at the studio.

Source – [Koei Tecmo]