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World War Z PS4 1.04 Update Patch Notes Reveal Crash Fixes

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Saber Interactive has released a decomposing new World War Z PS4 1.04 update, fixing a number of crashing bugs that have been plaguing the popular zombie shooter. The new update comes swiftly after the news that World War Z has sold over two million copies worldwide since its launch in mid-April,

World War Z PS4 1.04 Update Patch Notes Confirmed

The latest World War Z PS4 update tackles some of the more egregious crashing bugs, including those that are encountered on loading screens and during gameplay. In addition, it also fixes specific crashes that have been rearing their head when playing the game on PS4 Pro.

The official notes on the PS4’s Update History for the game state the following:

  • Fixed frequent crashes on a loading screen.
  • Fixed frequent crashes affecting PS$ Pro users.
  • Fixed a large number of gameplay crashes.

Hopefully, this should make the game more stable for those playing allowing you to spend more time shooting zombies. If you haven’t got in on the Zombie killing action yet, you can currently buy World War Z on the UK PlayStation Store for £24.49, a 30% discount.

World War Z released back in April and sold incredibly well, with the game selling out at major retailers. Saber, the team behind the game have also revealed a roadmap, detailing the new content coming to the co-op game. World War Z is set to receive a new Tokyo Mission, a new Zombie-Type, new Weapons, a new difficulty mode, and a new game mode.

In our review, we stated that “World War Z is a blast to play featuring some great action and some intense encounters that should be experienced by anyone looking for a great co-op game.”

Have you been playing World War Z and experiencing these crashes? Are you enjoying your time with the game?