Worms unearthed for the PlayStation Network

The cult classic PC Worms series made its way to Xbox Live Arcade back in 2007, and performed extremely well on Microsoft’s game download service. Now, Worms has been unveiled for the PlayStation Network.


Above is a rating of Worms for the PS3 by the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle (German Voluntary Monitoring Organization of Entertainment Software), or USK for short. This came before the official announcement of the game by Team17 Studio Director, Martyn Brown.

"Yes, we can confirm that Worms is coming to PSN soon," revealed Brown. "…it’s been fully optimised for the platform (including 1080p) and contains a lot more content than the original XBLA launch simply because there was no size limitation."

Worms is expected to launch sometime in March.