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Xbox Has “No Plans To Bring Xbox Game Pass To PlayStation” Says Phil Spencer

There’s no question that when it comes to console sales, PlayStation and Nintendo are sitting quite pretty, with sales for their respective hardware never really at risk of being outpaced by Xbox.

But that’s partly by design, because it’s clear that boss Phil Spencer has steered Xbox in a new direction, one that values Game Pass subscriptions over hardware sales.

It’s a change that has raised the question of whether or not players can expect to see a Game Pass app appear on their Nintendo or PlayStation console, and according to Spencer, that’s not at all in the works.

“We have no plans to bring Xbox Game Pass to PlayStation or Nintendo,” said Spencer in a recent interview with Windows Central.

Ultimately this isn’t the biggest surprise, considering it would be unlikely that Nintendo or PlayStation would be willing to allow a Game Pass app on either of their platforms.

Still, with Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard, the question of Game Pass on either a Switch or PS5 was one that many players continued to ask, seeing as how Microsoft could potentially use the subscription as a way of keeping games under that ABK branch exclusive while offering players a way to access them, no matter what console they owned.

It’s also interesting to note that Spencer confirms no Game Pass on PlayStation or Nintendo just after a different Microsoft executive hinted that it still could happen.

However with this directly from Spencer himself, it’s good that we can now put to bed the idea of Game Pass on PlayStation, or any non-Xbox platform.

Source – [Windows Central]