Trigger King Xcalibur PS4 Adjustable Triggers Review

Adding a good peripheral to your gaming set-up has the ability to change an evening of being spawn-camped to spawn camping, a session of constantly losing races to flying past the competition, and a night of getting romped by a button masher to romping a button masher. Equally so, a bad peripheral can inversely affect your play. Step forward Trigger King, a peripheral creator who is determined to make your gaming experiences much better than they were before with the Xcalibur PS4 AdjustableTriggers.

The Xcalibur Triggers weigh practically nothing, which is paramount to any peripheral attached to a controller. Their shape is inspired by a double tap trigger, emulating a trigger loop on the R2 and L2 Buttons while adding an extended loop out from each one for a more sensitive response; this is perfect, because the existing DualShock 4 triggers are made to respond to minute inputs. These Xcalibur Triggers extend out from the R2 and L2 Buttons approximately two inches that curl out and away from the controller slightly and at the base hooks underneath the existing trigger buttons. This gives the triggers more of a pull feel rather than that of a push, making any shooter a breeze and any racer a cinch.

Unlike most trigger attachments I’ve had in my PlayStation career, these trigger attachments are adhered to the triggers rather than clamped or lodged onto them. Each trigger has a strong adhesive strip, which I would liken to a gel version of Command Strips, which are guaranteed to strengthen the longer they’re adhered to a surface. I attest to this, because in the first hour or so of attaching the Xcalibur Triggers, they felt a titch flimsy. However, even after a few hours, they felt quite a part of the controller and have been rock solid ever since. In fact, setting the controller down on them is quite fine, so you don’t have to worry about laying the controller face down or waking up to dislodged triggers in the morning. 

The triggers also have a wonderful adjustable quality to them. Tiny flat-tipped screws are found at the tops and the outer sides of the triggers, which allow for a most customized feel and position. This also means that included with each pair of Xcalibur Triggers is a small screwdriver to accommodate these adjustments. What these tiny screws ultimately do is take position on the controller to either limit how relaxed the trigger gets, this being the top screw, or reducing how much the trigger can be pressed, this being the outer screw. These limitations to button motion help make responses faster and, quite frankly, make the triggers feel more sensitive, which is the ultimate reason for getting a handy peripheral such as the Xcalibur Triggers.

In regards to the usage of screws, I was quite worried that these metal pieces would start chipping or scratching the plastic framework around the triggers. Initially it did to my right side, because I tried to put the left trigger attachment on the R2 Button, and the alignments didn’t match up, so the side of the framework now has a little scratch. Once I realized my mistake—and shook my head at my momentary lapse of judgment—I placed the triggers on their corresponding buttons and the screws have no longer caused any damage to the plastic around the existing triggers. The team at Trigger King were thinking ahead when they chose which screws to use in these attachments. 

I recommend these trigger attachments for anyone looking to play first-person shooters and racing games, through and through, or any type of game that requires a great deal and constant command of the R2 and L2 Buttons for one reason: These triggers take up a larger amount of space behind the controller itself. This is a concept that’s easily taken for granted, especially when playing games more focused on the face buttons or more laid back games. When doing so, I tend to only keep my pointer fingers resting between the 1 and 2 Buttons on both sides until I need to use one of the triggers. Then, I swing my middle fingers up and around the triggers; but here, with the Xcalibur Triggers, I often got caught up underneath them, feeling like getting your foot caught under the brake pedal in the car when you’re trying to stop. I know a fair amount of gamers who won’t be bothered by a peripheral like this, because they game with both pointer and middle fingers in position at all times, so the Xcalibur Triggers will feel right at home with them. However, gamers like me will see these added triggers as more of a game-to-game necessity rather than an always-on commodity. So, I intend to have them on a separate controller that I’ll use for Call of Duty or DriveClub.

Trigger King’s Xcalibur PS4 Adjustable Triggers are meant to make trigger-happy games more accessible, and they achieve just that. While these triggers may not be meant for every gamer, anyone who dabbles in shooters or racers will benefit from owning them, as their look and feel are perfect all around in those environments. The product is solid in both its adhesive strength and its execution, and the temporary launch price tag of $15 is spot on for anyone wishing to up their game to the next level.

Note: The price on the Xcalibur PS4 Adjustable Triggers will change to its normal $19.99 price tag soon, so take advantage of the lower cost. Also, as part of a deal in tandem with PlayStation Universe, use promo code PSU to get an additional 10% off your cost. Trigger King is a US company that also ships internationally. Click here for the official listing.



The Final Word

The Xcalibur PS4 Triggers open up new opportunities with many genres by increasing the sensitivity of the DualShock 4’s trigger buttons in wonderful and customizable ways. Trigger Kings has made a fantastic product at a fantastic price.