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  • LA Noire requires Blu-ray?

    Rockstar Games has quite a few titles due out over the next year. Midnight Club 4: Los Angeles will attempt to rival games such as Project Gotham 4 and Gran Turismo 5 in early 2008. Grand Theft Auto IV, which needs no introduction, will be an early contender for 2008 game of the year. Before both of...

  • L.A Noire delayed until 2009

    L.A. Noire, an exclusive detective thriller only for the PlayStation 3, has been shifted from Take-Two's fiscal year 2008 release schedule, pushing the game back to a release some time in 2009. L.A. Noire, published by Rockstar and developed by Team Bondi, including founders involved with The Getaw...

  • LA Noire exclusive for PS3

    Gaming fans were again disappointed this week by the seemingly inevitable delay of Grand Theft Auto: IV for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 While fans of the series were heartbroken by the news, there was one shining beam of light for PS3 owners around the world. According to financial reports...

  • L.A Noire: An exclusive detective thriller for PS3

    Brendan McNamara is the former Director of Development for SCE's Team Soho Studio in London and the writer and director of The Getaway, a very popular PS2 franchise in Europe. About 19 months ago he left SCEE to form a new independent studio in Australia with a staff of six people and called it ...

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