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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
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Release Date (US):
March 11th, 2008
Release Date (UK):
October 26th, 2007
Online Players:
E [Everyone]
PSU Rank:
14 of 1166 Games
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13 of 0 Games
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Also available on Xbox 360, PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, and DS

About Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

PES 2008 takes soccer to the next level. The game features a brand new intelligence system, called Teamvision, that adapts and reacts to players own gameplay styles to ensure that the computer controlled opponents are always challenging and forcing the player to think and chance their style of play to avoid being out-thought by the game. It learns counter attacks that target your weaknesses and looks to exploit any repetitive tactics players use.



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Despite flaws in its online and edit modes, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is incredibly addictive and still wins the title of football champion over FIFA, but only on penalties.

We like

  • Addictive gameplay
  • More licenses than ever before
  • Realistc player appearances

We dislike

  • Awful keepers
  • Inefficient and laggy online mode
  • Limited edit mode

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Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series may be the undisputed champion of soccer sims on PlayStation 2, but its next-generation incarnation is still very much up for grabs after an underwhelming debut on PS3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 was highly anticipated by the loyal band of fans the series has collected since the first Pro Evolution Soccer was launched on PS One back in 2001, and it was maybe this air of expectancy ...

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 News

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  • Konami boots cheater out of PES tournament

    As many of you may know, Konami is currently holding an online tournament for its highly successful sports title, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. The tournament kicked off last December and is now down to its final 32 players, fighting in the trenches for £50,000. However, it has transpired thi...

  • Second patch for PES 2008

    Konami has released a second patch as they continue to fight against the lag that has plagued the PS3 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. The popular football series, rated by many as the number one football game on the PS2, has been widely criticised this time out due to regular lag and slow...

  • PES 2008 patch v1.10 released

    Konami Digital Entertainment has finally released the expected patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. After the games release it was hard not to notice the title was suffering from multiple issues issues; not only was the framerate noticeably poor, the online was even worse. Fortunately, Konam...

  • Seabass: "We thought about delaying PES 2008"

    The man behind the Pro Evolution Soccer series, Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka has admitted that PES2008 wasn't up to the standards they hoped when it was released. The game, plagued by problems ranging from lag to missing features, was released on time back in October, but Konami have sin...

  • Konami admits to PES 2008 PS3 problems

    Konami has identified a number of issues with the PlayStation 3 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 that affects gameplay and are actively looking for a solution to the problems. It was reported a few weeks ago that a patch for the game is a possibility and the official admittance of these prob...

  • PES 2008 tops UK Charts

    According to Chart-Track and, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 has reached #1 on the software sales charts in the UK. To be more exact, the PlayStation 2 version sits at #1, where as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are close behind. UK Software Sales Chart: 1. Pro Evolutio...

  • PES 2008 patch a possibility

    Disappointing lag in Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 that affects both offline and online gameplay could be resolved by a patch, a Konami source has revealed. The developer has received criticism from fans with the game suffering from frame rate issues and slowdown, leading some gamers to believe that...

  • PES producer feels limited by time constraints

    Shingo Takatsuka, Producer of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series, has stated that there were many features he wished to include in the PlayStation 3 version of PES 2008, but due to time constraints was unable to implement them. Speaking with CVG, Takatsuka said, "Well I'm satisfied ...

  • France to get exclusive PS3+PES 2008 Bundle?

    In an interview with Georges Fornay, Chairman of PlayStation France, it was confirmed that Sony plans to launch a PES 2008 PS3 bundle in November, just in time for Christmas. According to Fornay, due to the popularity of PES in Europe, and the great marketing done by Konami in France, Sony found...

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