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Race Drive: GRID 2
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TBA 2013
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TBA 2013
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Codemasters Southam
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0 of 1166 Games
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Also available on PC and Xbox 360.

About GRID 2

The sequel to Race Drive: GRID. More details to follow.



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Grid might have been gone for 5 years, but in those years it developed into a truly great and unique racing game. From the wide variety of cars, to the insane level of detail and the great audio, Grid 2 offers something for all racing fans. While simulation racing fans might not prefer the mix with arcade, Codemasters did a an excellent job blending the two styles and making something quite unique.

We like

  • Superb attention to detail
  • High-quality audio
  • Realistic car performance

We dislike

  • Lack of tracks
  • Destruction derby multiplayer

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The crowd is cheering, fireworks are rising in the distance and the car engines are revving. You’re planning your opening move, thinking about how you’re going to get first place and maintain it. The light turns green and you’re off, more fireworks exploding in the distance as the high speed of your car starts to kick in. This, is Grid 2. After 5 long years, Codemasters is back with a brand new insta...

GRID 2 News

  • U.K. Charts: GRID 2 holds off Remember Me

    The latest Chart-Track data has confirmed that GRID 2 has held onto pole position on the U.K. All Format Charts this week, despite a 50 per cent drop in sales. The racer held off competition from Capcom’s Remember Me, with the memory-manipulating sci-fi adventure debuting in third place. ...

  • Codemasters kicks off Grid 2 Rockstar Race Challenge

    Grid 2, Codemaster's recently released pseudo-simulation racing title that released late last month to critical acclaim, is already adding to its effort to bring gamers together through its in game service, RaceNet, with the announcement today of the Grid 2 Rockstar Racer Challenge. Launched ...

  • GRID 2 patch 1.01 hits the tracks, more to come, says Codemasters

    Despite GRID 2's phenomenal, chart-topping launch on May 31, Codemasters is continuing to work hard to ensure gamers are having the best experience possible, today deploying patch 1.01 to fix a number of issues the game was experiencing. Below is a full list of the fixes you can expect from the pat...

  • U.K. Charts: GRID 2 in pole position, Fuse loses its spark

    GRID 2 has topped the U.K. All Format Charts following its launch last week, the latest Chart-Track data has confirmed. The Codemasters racer sold 29 per cent less than the original game in terms of launch week sales, though still managed to dethrone last week's no.1, Resident Evil: Revelations. ...

  • Okutama drifting in latest Grid 2 trailer

    Codemasters just pumped out a new trailer for Grid 2 showing off gameplay footage for the soon-to-be-released racer. Some rather speedy racing is highlighted with of one of the many cars to feature in Grid 2. The driver is shown powering down a mountain side in a drift event in Okutama. Check it ...

  • GRID 2 shows off live routes trailer

    Do you fancy having your reaction times tested to the limit? Then look no further than the latest GRID 2 trailer. The new footage shows off the live routes that will play a big part in GRID 2, and it looks like it wants to keep you on the edge of your seat. Check out the trailer below. GRID ...

  • GRID 2 trailer shows off new multiplayer, social interactions

    Developer Codemasters, which recently unpacked its re-designed, re-imagined multiplayer mode for upcoming racer GRID 2, today released a trailer illustrating these new ideas. Codemasters evidently seeks to emphasize the importance of competition and social interaction in its new title, which will b...

  • Grid 2 Multiplayer unpacked, features 'old school' split-screen in every mode

    Codemaster's Ben Walke today unpacked on the official PlayStation Blog what will be Grid 2's multiplayer mode, blending new and old features to foster an experience every gamer will appreciate. A solid multiplayer is the centerpiece to any competitive game, especially racing titles. The past s...

  • GRID 2 Euro race locations and cars info blowout

    Codemasters has today fired out brand new gameplay info for GRID 2, detailing a huge bunch of new content, including new cars, locations and racing clubs set to feature in the upcoming title when it launches on May 31. Accompanying the info blowout is a new trailer showcasing some of the highlig...

  • Grid 2 video introduces World Series Racing

    Codemasters today released a video for Grid 2 highlighting the World Series Racing, the fictional cross-discipline motor racing championship that runs throughout the game. Narrated by Patrick Callahan, the entrepreneur and founder of WSR, the video outlines the plans for a new motorsports series...

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