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Soul Sacrifice
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Release Date (US):
April 30th, 2013
Release Date (UK):
May 3rd, 2013
Online Players:
Marvelous AQL, SCE Japan
Sony Computer Entertainment
M [Mature]
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0 of 1166 Games
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Exclusive to PlayStation Vita.

About Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice sees gamers reliving the memories of a sorcerer via a demonic book named Librom. Using items known as Offerings, gamers can conjure powerful weapons to aid them in combat against grotesque creatures, as well as sacrificing foes to feed the game's levelling system. Unique to Soul Sacrifice is the ability to sacrifice your own body parts to unleash devastating attacks against your enemies; however, you must pay the price by limiting your defense, sight and other aspects of your character.



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Soul Sacrifice is a dark, addictive and brutal action-RPG that excels in aesthetics and rewarding combat. Poor A.I., repetitive foes and steep learning curve prevent it from reaching triple-A heights, however.

We like

  • Gorgeous level and creature design
  • Addictive, rewarding combat
  • Sacrifice mechanic is unique and adds strategy

We dislike

  • Lack of enemy variety
  • Poor A.I.
  • Steep learning curve

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Soul Sacrifice is a game of patience. It’s a brutal beast, and will very likely have you tearing your hair out in frustration on multiple occasions. Still interested? Good, because concurrently it’s also one of the most rewarding action-RPGs you’ll ever play, and a must-needed addition to the PlayStation Vita’s software library. The brainchild of Keiji Inafune, who is perhaps best known as the creator o...

Soul Sacrifice News

  • UPDATE: Soul Sacrifice Delta: Shuhei Yoshida hopes for western release

    UPDATE: The American and European PlayStation Blogs have confirmed Soul Sacrifice Delta will launch in the West on May 13 in North America and May 14 in Europe. ORIGINAL STORY: The president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) has expressed hope that Soul Sacrifice Del...

  • Soul Sacrifice Delta coming to the west, suggests retailer

    Spanish retailer XtraLife (via CVG) has listed Soul Sacrifice Delta, the PlayStation Vita-exclusive action-RPG, for pre-order, indicating the game will see release outside of Japan. Delta is the follow-up to last year’s Soul Sacrifice, and was released in Japan earlier this year to great su...

  • New Soul Sacrifice update detailed

    The next batch of content for PlayStation Vita’s soul-sucking actioner Soul Sacrifice includes a brand new story episode, Sony has confirmed. The patch is currently being prepped for release in Japan, though like the first chunk of content we expect it to eventually make its way to western ...

  • Soul Sacrifice dev already thinking about a sequel

    The creator behind upcoming PlayStation Vita hack-‘n-slash Soul Sacrifice has revealed he already has plans for a follow-up. Keiji Inafune told IGN that he’s also keen on making titles for other platforms besides Sony’s new handheld. “I’m interested in making oth...

  • Soul Sacrifice demo out today, progress transfers to full game

    A demo for the PS Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice is out later today and any progress you made will transfer to the full game should the demo spark your fancy. This isn't one of those 5 minute demos that barely scratches the surface; instead, the Soul Sacrifice demo includes the full first chapter...

  • Soul Sacrifice info burst from Famitsu

    Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has awarded PlayStation Vita-exclusive actioner Soul Sacrifice a mighty 37/40 in its latest issue. The review also unearthed a heap of interesting tidbits on the game. For starters, Soul Sacrifice lasts around 25 hours solo, though the multiplayer component can ex...

  • New Soul Sacrifice trailer

    Sony Japan Studio has released a new trailer for its upcoming PlayStation Vita-exclusive actioner Soul Sacrifice. The footage comes in wake of Sony’s PS Vita web-stream earlier today, where the hardware manufacturer also confirmed a price drop for the handheld in Japan. Check out the tr...

  • Soul Sacrifice dated with box art, pre-order bonuses

    Comcept, Inc. released today a vast array of information regarding its upcoming role-playing portable game Soul Sacrifice and with it comes pre-order bonuses and the very colorful box art. Those anxious gamers who pre-order Soul Sacrifice will receive two sets of content; for those who lo...

  • Soul Sacrifice developer details Ghost Mode and Leviathon

    Keiji Inafune, founder of Comcept development team, detailed today some content coming to his upcoming PlayStation Vita title Soul Sacrifice. Inafune didn't go into much in terms of gameplay for the Leviathon, but he disclosed a proportionately significant screenshot and the backstory to the massiv...

  • Soul Sacrifice dated for Japan

    PlayStation Vita-exclusive actioner Soul Sacrifice will be released in Japan on March 7, 2013. The brainchild of former Capcom developer Keiji Inafune, Soul Sacrifice will launch on its home turf alongside a limited edition red Vita packaged with headphones, cleaning cloth, case, wrist strap and ...

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