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11 H1Z1 Tips To Help You Win On PS4

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Battle Royale games are tough. We're sure there are a lot of players who have got to the last 10, but then the action gets really intense and the best players battle it out. Follow these H1Z1 tips to improve your chances.

First up, let's tell you a bit about what happens in H1Z1. You're dropped onto a 10km squared map along with 100+ other players. You then need to find weapons and supplies, and compete to be the last survivor or team. The map shrinks at regular intervals as a gas storm blows in, meaning that the longer the match progresses the smaller the area. You're being forced into battle, which makes the action very intense.

H1Z1 Tips To Help You Win

  1. Change your H1Z1 Settings

Before you begin, here's one of the best H1Z1 tips - change your settings. On the standard settings we found the screen a little too dark, which can make spotting other players more difficult. Up the brightness.

Now, you'll likely want to change your sensitivity settings too, which will down to your personal choice. So, keep tweaking them and testing to adapt the settings to your preferred playstyle. You can test out your new settings in Combat Training.

  1. Choose The Best Landing Spot

The most obvious of the H1Z1 tips that you should apply is finding a weapon as soon as possible. There's no point landing in the middle of a field. When you're parachuting down, look below with your right thumbstick (R3), make a quick descent, and aim for an area where you can see buildings and at least one vehicle. As soon as you land, go inside a building and loot it for weapons, bandages and armor.

  1. Get a vehicle as soon as possible

The best H1Z1 landing spots are those by a building where you can also see a vehicle. You can jump in vehicles and move across the map quickly. You can also mow people down to get a kill. Use a vehicle in the initial stages when the map is large to move from one area with buildings to another to find better weapons. It's also the quickest and most efficient way to move out of the green gas when it comes as you head inwards towards the centre of the map. The police car is the best vehicle to choose as it's the fastest, and you can also tip a vehicle over and use it for cover.

  1. Choose the right starting weapons

H1Z1 starts with just two weapon slots, so you want a nice balance. Something that is good at short range, and something decent for long range. We recommend an SMG and a pistol, or a SMG and a shotgun.

  1. Open up more weapon slots

As soon as you find a backpack, make sure you pick it up. It will open up an extra slot for ammo and weapons, which can be crucial. If you loot the military crate drops later in the game, you can find a backpack that opens up four weapon slots.

  1. Use your vehicle to get to military crates

Keep your vehicle close by in the initial stages. There will be supply drops, with military crates landing by parachute. As soon as you see them drop, drive to the location (towards the center) and you'll pick up much better weapons and armor, such as tactical helmets than you'll find in buildings.

Opening these military crates (purple and gold are the best) is essential if you hope to be the last man standing as the armor and weapons are far better. Supply drops come with their own dangers too. If you see other players in the vicinity, it may not be worth competing to open the crate, but getting in position to take that enemy down when they attempt to run from the crate.

  1. Listen out for radio signals

Military crates don't just fall from the sky. They can also spawn in buildings. These crates are where you'll find better weapons, such as a sniper rifles. You may also find a backpack that opens up four weapon slots. You know if you're near to a military crate by listening out for the radio. Hear this, and you're in the right area so have a look around.

  1. Use the best weapons to blow up vehicles

Use a Magnum or a crossbow to blow up cars. We've tried every weapon in H1Z1 on each of the vehicles, and our conclusion (unless they re-balance it) is that the magnum deals the most damage.

  1. Keep moving during a firefight

Keep moving during a battle and use crouch. The more you move, the tougher it is to shoot you. Toggling crouch and strafing can save your life.

  1. Go Prone

Don't forget you can lie down (go prone). It's more difficult to be spotted when you lie down, and there's plenty of spots on the map where you can get an elevated view in front of you.

  1. Don't play H1Z1 like its an action shooter

If you've got some good weapons and armor early on, then you don't need to go hunting. Hide tucked away somewhere in the stages before you hit the last 10-15, and you'll see the player count drop rapidly. There's no point looking for trouble when you don't need it. Just don't miss those military crates!

If you have some H1Z1 tips of your own for the PS4 version, we'd love to hear them. Let us know in the comments below. Also, check out some of other coverage.