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Abandoned Realtime Experience Patch Available Universally Today

Blue Box Game Studios has confirmed that its Abandoned realtime experience patch is going live today at 21:00 CET.


The Abandoned realtime experience app allows users to enjoy trailers and footage of the game as they happen via the PS5’s hardware.

Abandoned is an upcoming survival horror title that has seen more than a bit of conspiracy theories surrounding its development. Pretty much ever since its announcement, folk are convinced that it’s actually a new title from Hideo Kojima, or is somehow related to Silent Hill.

Blue Box Game Studios has repeatedly denied this, although it hasn’t helped itself by inviting speculation about Silent Hill in the past. Recently, it admitted that the rumors have negatively affected Abandoned’s development.

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Abandoned is in development for PS5 and is currently without a release date. Let’s hope that first proper trailer finally clears up any speculation about what the game actually is about, eh?