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Alone In The Dark Reboot Developer Pieces Interactive Has Been Shut Down

Pieces Interactive, the developer behind this year’s Alone in the Dark reboot, has been shut down by Embracer Group after the survival horror title failed to generate enough sales.

The developer posted a lifespan of 2007 — 2024 on its website and the accompanying message “thanks for playing with us.” A brief history of Pieces Interactive is provided along with the following paragraph, which mentions its finally release being Alone in the Dark.

In 2017, Pieces Interactive were acquired by Embracer Group after working with the expansion for Titan Quest, Titan Quest: Ragnarök and third expansion for Titan Quest, Titan Quest: Atlantis. Our last release was the reimagining of Alone in the Dark.

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Alone in the Dark was released in March 2024 after multiple delays and Embracer Group revealed last month that the title had sold below expectations. You can have a gander at our full Alone In the Dark review here.

Embracer Group has been at the centre of many layoffs over the past year or so, having shuttered a number of studios amidst a large-scale restructuring program including Volition Studios and Free Radical.

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