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Anthem Javelin Classes: Colossus, Interceptor, Ranger And Storm Revealed

Anthem Demo - Everything You Need To Know

We saw a fair amount of Anthem over the summer. After an impressive E3 showing, BioWare published a stunning 20-minute gameplay video back in July, before revealing, among other things, that any and all Anthem story DLC would be available for free to all players.

And, in the last few hours, we’ve learned even more about the upcoming co-op shooter in the form of a comprehensive breakdown of the four Anthem Javelin classes.

Horses for Courses

Javelin exosuits have everything a skilled pilot needs to survive in the wilds and take down any opposition. They can fly over difficult terrain, swim through underwater tunnels, and employ a full kit of weapons and gear against their enemies.

Each model of Javelin has its own strengths, and it’s up to each pilot to choose which javelin in their arsenal is best for the mission ahead.

So says the introduction to BioWare’s deep-dive into the game’s signature mech suits. And, if the blurbs accompanying each of the quarter are accurate, this isn’t mere hyperbole.

Anthem Javelin Classes – The Colossus

Anthem Javelin Classes - The Colossus
A quick glimpse at the Colossus tells you it’s the most robust of the four.

Trading mobility for defence, the Colossus is perfect for clearing out entire hives of vicious predatory fauna or leading desperate front-line charges thanks to its combination of potent siege cannon, flamethrower, deployable shield, and raw power.

The Colossus is the automatic choice for those who like to play as the tank class, in other words.

Anthem Javelin Classes – The Interceptor

Anthem Javelin Classes - The Interceptor
Next on the list, the Interceptor is almost the polar opposite of the Colossus.

Better suited to hit and run tactics rather than sustained front-line charges, the Interceptor is built for speed and agility. Relying on its suite of devastating abilities and razor-sharp blades to whittle away at its more physically powerful opponents. As such, the Interceptor is the go-to choice for players who prefer to stay out of the limelight.

Anthem Javelin Classes – The Ranger

Anthem Javelin Classes - The Ranger
The Ranger, meanwhile, is the first Javelin suit the player unlocks during their adventure.

Described as a versatile and precise master of combat, the Ranger has a seemingly bottomless pool of abilities, as well as easy access to every weapon type in the game. Making it the wild card of the team that’s capable of achieving feats none of the others can.

Anthem Javelin Classes – The Storm

Anthem Javelin Classes - The Storm
Lastly, there’s the Storm.

My personal favourite, in case you were wondering, the Storm is geared towards decimating enemy lines with its array of mysterious and devastating seal tech: a branch of technology that boosts the latent kinetic powers of the Javelin’s pilot.

It might not have much in the way of defence, but the Storm can float effortlessly over the battlefield and unleash the raw energy of The Anthem itself on its unfortunate enemies. So long as there’s an expert pilot at the helm, that is.

Developed by BioWare and published by EA, Anthem releases on the 22nd February 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. With early access launching a week earlier on the 15th.