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Apex Legends Accessibility Options – Voice Chat To Text And More

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Apex Legends has a host of accessibility settings you can tweak. This allows players to activate options such as voice to text, color blind mode and hint text.

To access the Apex Legends settings, click on options from the main screen. The options are divided into four categories: gameplay, controller, video and audio.

Apex Legends Accessibility Settings

The first accessibility option can be found under Gameplay settings where there’s the ability to “Enable Accessible Chat Features”. With this toggled on, you can activate onscreen hint text and voice instructions for accessing chat. There’s three levels to the options:

  • Enable Hint Text
  • Enable Voice Narration
  • Enable both

You can also “Convert Incoming Voice To Chat Text”. This options translate voice chat to text that appears on your HUD.

Apex Legends Subtitles

In the Audio options, there’s also the ability to turn on subtitles, which will be set on by default.

Apex Legends Color Blind Mode

Additionally, in the Video settings, you can turn on “Color Blind Mode” which modifies colors for easier identification. There are three options:

Protanopia: Compensates for a red-green color deficit

Deuteranopia: Compensates for a different red-green color deficit

Tritanopia: Compensates for a blue-yellow color deficit.

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