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Blair Witch VR Coming To PSVR This Summer

Blair Witch from developer Bloober Team originally released back in 2019, and now it will be re-released on PSVR, with the new version, Blair Witch VR set to be coming later this summer.

The announcement came via a surprise shadow drop for the VR version of the game on Oculus Rift, with the PSVR version due later on as reported by UploadVR. Since it will be releasing at what seems to be the tail end of the first PSVR generation, it is interesting to consider the possibility that Blair Witch VR will potentially be upgraded or patched for PSVR 2, whenever that hits shelves.

You can watch the new trailer for Blair Witch VR yourself here:

We originally looked at Blair Witch when it released, calling it “easily the best videogame take on the licence to date and an effective, frequently petrifying horror effort”. Bringing that same experience to VR could potentially revitalize the game, and give people another reason to have more faith in Bloober Team, since they could potentially be working on a new Silent Hill game according to recent rumours.

Source – [UploadVR]