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Blizzard Job Listings Show It’s Looking For Directors To Lead An Unannounced Project

Blizzard employees, along with a lot of their colleagues across Activision were impacted by a mass layoff from Microsoft not too long after the Windows company acquired Activision Blizzard.

Among the results of the layoff was the cancellation of a survival game Blizzard was working on. Even though we didn’t know much about the title, everything we did know about it made it seem like it was something to be excited for.

But now it’s gone, and we’re left to wonder what else Blizzard has in the pipeline, which, according to a new cropping of job listings, seems to be something entirely new.

Spotted by VGC, Blizzard is looking to bring on six people in director roles to help lead the way on a new, unannounced game.

There’s nothing in the listings that reveals any special details about what the game is, but these listings suggest its in the early stages, and that at least for now, Blizzard has found what it’ll be working on next, alongside its usual Overwatch, Diablo and World Of Warcraft duties.

Even though the survival game that was previously planned has been cancelled, this new project could be something born out of the remnants of that project. For now, only time will tell what it ends up being.

Source – [VGC]