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Blizzard’s Mike Ybarra Admires PS5 Exclusive Titles That Showcase “Absolute Latest Tech”

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In a recent Twitter exchange, Blizzard Entertainment executive vice president Mike Ybarra weighed in on the idea of having a console like the PlayStation 5 which elects to focus much more on titles that are exclusive to it, rather than held back by cross generation development considerations.

Speaking on Twitter, Ybarra said:

“I like it. I like having something that is the absolute latest tech and shows off my investment in the best possible way. It also reduces dev time when devs can focus on absolute optimization of one HW system. But at the same time, it comes at the cost of smaller install base.”

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Of course, we now know that unlike Microsoft which will not release any Xbox Series X exclusives within the first year of the console’s debut on the marketplace, Sony is going full throttle on exclusive titles that can only be played on PlayStation 5.

A former Microsoft employee for nearly 20 years, this isn’t the first time that Ybarra has publically endorsed Sony’s next-generation offering over that of his previous employer. Back in January 2020, Ybarra said that PlayStation 5 and PC were his next generation platforms of choice, shunning Xbox Series X in the process.

Source: Twitter