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Bungie Job Listing Points To Its New Third-Person Action Game Using The Tiger Engine

A job posting for a Lead Gameplay Engineer for Bungie‘s upcoming third-person action game has suggested the project will utilise the Destiny Tiger Engine.

The Tiger Engine was used for Destiny 2, and the description for the responsibilities section of the job mentions that the applicant will “build and maintain networked gameplay systems, workflows, and tools in Bungie’s Tiger engine” and “senior-engineer-level ability to navigate activities gameplay, bugs, and workflows in Bungie’s Tiger engine.”

Elsewhere, a position for a Senior Engineer calls for someone to help “efficiently share code [of its internal game engine] with multiple projects.”

The Tiger Engine is a heavily modified version of the Blam Engine, which was used to power the Halo games.

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Few details are currently available for Bungie’s upcoming third-person action game, although as of July 2022 the studio is now part of PlayStation Studios.

[Source – TheGamePost]