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Call Of Duty 2020 Reveal Teased In New Website

Call of Duty publisher Activision is taking its sweet time announcing their new game. With my money mistakenly on the Sony’s State of Play event at the beginning of August, we are left still wanting. However, a new teaser site found related to Call of Duty 2020 looks like it will be announced on August 14 at 12.00pm PST.

The website, linked here, shows a lot of dated technology. A tube TV, corded landline phone, and VCR can be seen on the site. This is in line with previous leaks saying the game will take place during the Cold War.

The digital display on the VCR reads 8-14 and then flashes to 12:00. This is presumed to be the date and time for the reveal. We can also assume it’s 12.00pm PST. However, we don’t know for sure. Regardless we will be here to cover all news for the upcoming Call of Duty.

Source: [CallofDutyNews]