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Capcom Arcade Stadium Update 1.05 Drops With New Gameplay Functions

Capcom has dropped off a punchy list of Capcom Arcade Stadium update 1.05 patch notes, which brings a number of new features to the arcade compilation. Both the original and Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium benefit from new content in this latest patch.

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Function addition

[Addition of the fastest continuous fire function]
Added the fastest rapid fire and synchronized rapid fire functions for each game (*except for some games).
Playing with rapid fire is now more comfortable.
You can set it in “Fire Rate” in “CONTROLLER SETTINGS”.

“Super Floating Fortress Exed Exes”
Added a function that allows you to set the language of characters used for name entry. You can select Japanese or English in “GAME SETTINGS”.

Added a function that allows you to turn the camera control on and off with the right stick during gameplay.
You can turn it on or off in SYSTEM SETTINGS.

Functional improvement

You can now start games directly from the list of games you own, “GAME LIST”.

Changed game settings are now saved for each game. You can also reset all games to their initial state at once.


“Street Fighter II – The World Warrior -”
“Street Fighter II ‘TURBO – HYPER FIGHTING -”
“Super Street Fighter II X – Grand Master Challenge -”
“Hyper Street Fighter II – The Anniversary Edition -”

[JAPAN:E.Honda] Changed the stage background design.

[Source – Capcom]