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CD Projekt RED Keeps Ramping Up Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel Development, As Veteran Developers Head To Project Orion

Cyberpunk 2077 might not have had the best start, but with the 2.0 update and the Phantom Liberty expansion as its swan song, players and CD Projekt RED can agree things were alright in the end.

Now, along with The Witcher, the Cyberpunk IP is CD Projeket RED’s biggest focus, so it’s no shock to see the Polish developer continues to expand the team working on the Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, currently codenamed Project Orion.

The latest update from CD Projekt RED on Project Orion reveals that veteran developers across the industry have joined CD Projekt RED at their Boston team working on Orion.

Former head of production at Amazon Games, Dan Hernberg joins as executive producer on Orion, along with Massive Entertainment’s former game director Ryan Barnard.

Alan Villani, who previously worked at WB Games as a vice president of technology for multiple games including multiple Mortal Kombat titles will join Project Orion as the engineering director.

The last two additions both go to CD Projekt RED’s writing teams, with Anna Megill, and Alexander Freed joining the narrative team.

Megill will be the lead writer on Orion, and players familiar with games like Control, Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider, Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora, and Guild Wars 2 will already know Megill’s work.

While players may know Freed’s work from games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, among other BioWare titles. He’s also a comic book writer and a bestselling novelist.

There’s also a whole suite of developers that are veterans within CD Projekt RED joining Project Orion.

  • Gabriel Amatangelo (Game Director)
  • Paweł Sasko (Associate Game Director)
  • Igor Sarzyński (Creative Director)
  • Andrzej Stopa (Cinematic Director)
  • Kacper Niepokólczycki (Environment Art Director)
  • Sarah Grümmer (Acting Lead Quest Designer)
  • Kacper Kościeński (Engineering Director)

While it’s exciting to see these names working on Project Orion, it’s clear that the Cyberpunk sequel is still a ways off if these are the kinds of updates we can expect for now.

For now, the next thing to look forward to from CD Projekt RED seems to be The Witcher 4, after which we’ll hopefully learn more about Orion, and maybe even see some gameplay.

Source – [CD Projekt RED]