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CD Projekt RED’s Unreal Engine 5 Remake Of The Witcher Will Be Open-World

CD Projekt RED has confirmed that its upcoming remake of the first game in The Witcher franchise being built in Unreal Engine 5 will be a fully open-world title.

The studio doesn’t really elaborate much more beyond that, only to call it a “story-driven, single player open-world RPG – a modern reimaging of 2007’s The Witcher.” in its third quarter results presentation.

This means it’ll be far different from the original 2007 title, as that version isn’t an open-world game, but for more recent fans it’ll likely feel much more like what they’re already used to with modern Witcher titles.

On top of this remake, CD Projekt RED also has on the go the upcoming expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 titled Phantom Liberty, a sequel to Cyberpunk currently codenamed Orion, a whole new trilogy in The Witcher series, a multiplayer title within the world of The Witcher, and a completely brand new IP codenamed Hadar.

For now though, the most immediate thing coming from CD Projekt will be the PS5 update coming to The Witcher 3, which is set to release on December 14, 2022.

Source – [CD Projekt RED via IGN]