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Chivalry 2 Update 1.13 Unleashes House Aberfell Content For PS4, PS5

Torn Banner Studios has announced the full list of Chivalry 2 update 1.13 patch notes for you to gawk at, which comes with support for the House Aberfell content.

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Update Highlights

  • New Team Objective map – The Raid on Aberfell
  • New Vanguard weapon – Highland Sword
  • New Objective Carriables / throwables – Peasants, Pigs (oink oink)
  • New Playable VIP Character – Mason Druid
  • 10 new Facepaint Customization items
  • Two new Armour Sets with 9 variants total
    • Two Helmet Customization items with 4 Mason and 4 Agatha variants
  • Two new male Voice Over characters – Agatha Highlander and Mason Berserker
  • 12 new Weapon Skins for Greatsword, Messer, and War Club

New Changes Following 2.4 Public Test (1/27/22)

  • Adjusted 3p and 1p animations on highland sword to be more consistent with tracers
  • Reverted maul changes from House Aberfell Public Test
  • Increased the combination input press window for gamepad users to make throwing easier to execute
  • Fixed an issue where you could sometimes be hit during active riposte
  • Fixed exploit – Swapping weapons negates the effects of an opponent’s tackle
  • Fixed exploit – Vanguard sprint attack can be set up to be done infinitely
  • Falmire – Added a closer spawn for attackers after the VIP has progressed past a certain point
  • Falmire – VIP health increased from 1000 to 1250
  • Raid – Slightly reduced stage times over multiple stages
  • Raid – Increased fuse time from 60 to 90 in stage 2
  • Raid – Reduce capture rate slightly in stage 3
  • Raid – Increase Druid health from 300 to 400

Weapons and Carryables

  • Added carriable peasants (currently only on Aberfell)
  • Added carriable pigs (currently only on Aberfell)
  • Warbow:
    • Adjusted total ammo count from 20 arrows to 12
  • Rapier:
    • Special attack’s turn rate has been slightly reduced
    • First person camera now ducks to match the player’s head position during the special attack
    • Tweaked lean and root motion animations during the special attack for improved attack avoidance
  • Halberd:
    • Increased all damage values from 5 to 10
  • Executioner’s Axe:
    • Reduced slash damage from 50 to 45


New Customization

  • New weapon – Highland Sword:
    • Giant Claymore variants
    • Executioner Sword variants
  • Voices:
    • Agatha – Highlander
    • Mason – Berserker
  • Vanguard:
    • Agatha – Balmoral Helmet with four variants, Gallowglass Armour with six variants
    • Mason – Clan Helmet with four variants, Clan Armour with three variants
  • Greatsword:
    • Claymore variants
  • Messer:
    • Dacian Falx variants
  • War Club:
    • Shepherd’s Staff variants
  • 10 new Face Paint variants (male and female):
    • Forest
    • Seer
    • Venator
    • Radiant
    • Hunter
    • Tracker
    • Stalker
    • Feral
    • Scavenger
    • Venerant

Customization Fixes

  • War Bow – fixed a string texture issue for the Superior and Engraved variants
  • War Axe – fixed pricing issue to allow purchase using crowns
  • Fixed an issue where the Longbow would be drawn when selecting the War Bow customization tab in the customization menu


  • Counters:
      • Counter windows are now variable depending on the speed of the weapon
      • Faster weapons now have a slightly smaller counter window
  • Headbutting:
      • Jabbing while having lost the left arm will result in a headbutt
    • Dismemberment:
      • When having lost an arm, being attacked on the other arm will result in only a dismemberment and not a lost in HP
      • Fixed an issue where ragdolls would not be able to be dismembered
  • Vanguard:
    • Ambusher:
      • Increased backstab damage from 35% to 50%
      • Increased throwing knife damage from 35 to 40 units
      • Clarified class description in regards to the backstab damage bonus only being effective when using native weapons
    • Devastator:
      • Added the Highland Sword as an unlockable weapon
  • Footman:
    • Engineer – increased the instance limit of constructible barricades from 2 to 4 (The carry limit remains the same, so keep an eye out for those resupply crates!)
  • Knight:
    • Officer – added the Greatsword to the primary weapon loadout
    • Officer – fixed an issue where weapons would unlock in the incorrect order
    • Fixed an issue where knights could spawn with no primary weapon when Shuffle mode is enabled
  • Bots no longer add to combo chain score count
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a dagger would not bind to an inventory slot
  • Disabled early overhead tracers to prevent instant overheads
  • Players can now throw/drop a weapon when Out of Combat
  • Arrows and bolts are now automatically picked up when walked over. This only applies to the owner that launched said arrow or bolt
  • Zooming in with a ranged weapon is now only available to the subclasses with the Focus perk
  • Controller – Increased the combination input press window for gamepad users to make throwing easier to execute
  • Fixed an issue where you could sometimes be hit during active riposte
  • Fixed exploit – Swapping weapons negates the effects of an opponent’s tackle
  • Fixed exploit – Vanguard sprint attack can be set up to be done infinitely


  • New Team Objective map added – “The Raid on Aberfell”


  • Fixed an issue where defenders would spawn as peasants if accepting the forward spawn prompt on the final objective stage
  • Fixed an issue where the Announcer VO would overlap between stages
  • Adjusted VO timing on the final stage for when Agatha runs out of reinforcements


  • Widened debris ramp during the gatehouse capture stage
  • Opened up side paths on the side of the ruins gate
  • Made the bridge at the end of the ruins wider
  • Changed the map layout to the back of the throne
  • Improved bot navigation on the bridges during the second push of the convoy


  • TO – Changed the overall map layout for the final objective stage
  • TO – Split single spawner on Agatha side into two during the second gate objective stage

Fighting Pit

  • Adjusted outer wall collision to allow placed shields to be interactable
  • Removed duplicate placed shields that were layered on top of each other


  • TO – Added Noble Female Peasants
  • TO – Improved bot navigation on the Agathian ships
  • TO – Improved bot navigation around the gate house
  • LTS – Adjusted spectator camera boundaries
  • Further map optimizations made to improve performance


  • Increased main gate’s HP from 20000 to 22500 units
  • Added Noble Female Peasants
  • Fixed an out of combat issue during the beginning of the “Defend the Gate” stage to allow Agatha to retreat all the way to the gate as needed
  • Delayed combat zone changes for attackers at the start of the banners stage
  • Fixed an issue where Mason bots would not be able raise the ramps when attacking the last two trebuchets


  • TO – Stage 2 – Defender spawns moved slightly back
  • TO – Stage 4 – Increased score given to attacker per capture tick
  • Widened the main keep’s gates
  • Brawl – Fixed collision issue with the stones next to the throne


  • TO:
    • Fixed an issue where defenders would receive capture score even after fully recapturing an objective
    • Bots will prioritize objectives less
  • TDM:
    • Changed default tickets number to 75
  • FFA:
    • Enabled class limits
      • FFA – Class limit on Archers
      • Duel servers – No Archers
  • Team Switching – Adjusted team swapping
    • After the start of the match, a player will only be allowed to switch teams manually if your previous team, including yourself, has at least 2 more players than the other team.
    • Auto-balance is not affected by this change.
  • Examples:
    • If your previous team has 32 players including yourself, and the other team has 30 – you are allowed to switch manually.
    • If your previous team has 32 players including yourself, and the other team has 29 – you are allowed to switch manually.
    • If your previous team has 32 players including yourself, and the other team has 31 – you are not allowed to switch manually.


  • [Consoles] Fixed an issue where enabling/disabling crossplay would sometimes not save in the game’s settings
  • Made improvements to the regular and crossplay disabled matchmaking experience to make it easier to get into matches

2.4 Queue Changes (2 weeks):

  • Matchmaking
    • Temporary Featured Queue – 64p Team Objective (where Aberfell appears twice as often)
    • 40p Mixed Modes has Aberfell appearing twice as often
    • Brawl has removed from the 40p FFA queue
  • Standalone Servers
    • Duel Servers – Removed FFA Fighting Pit and Adding FFA Wardenglade


  • Fixed an issue where party invites could not be sent or received on Windows 11
  • Fixed an issue where players could attempt to join servers that have less open spots than their party size
  • Fixed an issue where party invites would not always be sent out when inviting multiple players
  • Fixed an issue where the party leader would be unable to connect to standalone servers while in a party

Performance and Crash Fixes

  • [PS4/XB1] Further animation optimizations made to reduce stress on performance
  • [Xbox] Fixed a crash when returning to the game after suspending during the loading screen of an online match
  • Fixed a crash where equipped items would not always populate
  • Fixed a rare server crash for when there is no valid killer player state
  • Fixed a rare server crash for when a ballista bolt hits a shield
  • Fixed a stuttering issue when setting View Distance to Low or Medium while viewing in first person


  • Fixed an animation issue involving the slight dodge after changing movement directions from a sprint. This animation would not play server side, causing attacks to hit/miss when they visibly should/shouldn’t to the player
  • Fixed an issue where player and bot movement would not animate properly when viewed from a distance
  • Improved third person slash windup animation when looking downwards. This change is aimed at making slashes and overheads more readable when players look down and initiate an attack
  • Adjusted strafing animation when moving at slower speeds
  • Fixed animation issue with shield when crouching with a rapier in first person
  • Fixed an issue where the fire particle effect would not appear when drawing an arrow inside the brazier’s ignition volume
  • Lowered the throwing windup/draw animation speeds for the following weapons:
    • Glaive, Dane Axe, Poleaxe, Greatsword


  • Fixed an issue where VO previews would play and overlap on mouse-over
  • Fixed an issue where Peasant NPCs would sometimes not use voice lines
  • Adjusted Cinematic VO levels for Brawl – Cathedral


  • Fixed an issue where tertiary weapons would sometimes appear twice on the HUD when picking up another weapon as the Raider subclass
  • Fixed an issue where the name of the player being revived would disappear if the player reviving the team mate is killed during the revive
  • Fixed the “Back” buttons hover state to have a golden highlight instead of silver on all screens featuring it
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would default to the bottom after exiting a weapon selection in Customization
  • Added a “News” button to the main menu
  • Adjusted the “Play” button visuals to match the new “News” button
  • Added a banner behind the Chivalry 2 icon on the upper left corner of the screen
  • Added a glow behind the main featured mode to make it stand out more prominently
  • Added unique loading screens for the recent LTS/TDM versions of TO maps
  • Death screen UI will now list same killed players with a multiplier instead of listing their name multiple times on the screen
  • LTS – fixed UI element to not show “FIGHT” at the start of the next round’s countdown
  • Multiple localization UI fixes for the following languages:
    • Chinese
    • Danish
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish


  • Fixed a backend issue where special edition items and other awards were being awarded inconsistently. Please contact Chivalry 2 support if you are still having issues with receiving these items
  • [PS4 / PS5] Brawl – Fixed an issue where the camera would not focus on the NPCs during the intro cinematic
  • [PS4 / PS5] Fixed an issue where currency bought from the PS Store would not be visibly given to the player until they restarted the game
  • Fixed an issue where the player would be unable to join either team from Spectate if the teams were perfectly balanced
  • Fixed an issue where tutorial rewards would not be given out to players in a broken state pre version 2.2