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Control: Ultimate Edition PS5 Tech Analysis Showcases A Night And Day Performance Difference For Next-Gen


Digital Foundry is back with another PS5 tech analysis for Control: Ultimate Edition, which releases tomorrow. And, we can see a night and day difference in performance, showcasing Remedy‘s impressive work to upgrade the game, which will be available within PlayStation Plus tomorrow.

The first key difference noted is the loading times, with objects no longer spawning in halfway through a scene and the first load into the game being cut down from 36 seconds on PS4 Pro to just 5 seconds on PS5. The load back from death at the same location took a third of the time on PS5 as it did on PS4 Pro.

Digital Foundry then highlights the impressive Ray-Tracing in the game, such as ceiling lights being reflected off of blood or Jesse’s reflection appearing in a mirror. This is even reflected in smaller objects like a glass coffee pot. Ray-Tracing in the Graphics Mode also dramatically changes the shading and reflections in other material, like marble and metal.

When testing the frame-rate, the Graphics Mode is a smooth 30 frames-per-second in combat encounters and moments where the frame rate would drop on PS4 now run silky smooth. On the Performance Mode, the game is even smoother running at 60 FPS almost all the time, except when large explosions or particle effects happen close to the camera.

When the game compares to PC, it definitely isn’t running at full, ultra settings but the game still looks impressive and seems to be of a higher quality than a number of PS5 upgrades we have seen so far. You can watch Digital Foundry’s Tech analysis below:

Control: Ultimate Edition releases for PS5 on February 2, 2021, and is available on PS4 now.

Source – [Digital Foundry]