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Control Walkthrough – Navigating the Oceanview Motel

Remedy’s Control has a lot of trippy aspects to it, not the least of which is the Oceanview Motel. At various points in Control’s story, the player finds themselves transported inexplicably to the Oceanview – which acts as a filter to keep the unworthy and unwashed out of critical areas of the Oldest House.

Spoiler alert: Some fairly mild spoilers for Control are included in the text of this story.

How To Get Through The Oceanview Motel

Beyond having some of the best sound design in Control (outside of a totally rocking metal song in the late game – wear headphones for that one!), the Oceanview contains some of the best and most satisfying puzzles in the game. But the first time you end up there, you might be totally bewildered. Some basic hints will probably do you a world of good.

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First of all, before you even get to the Oceanview, you are going to come across a switch hanging from the ceiling. This is going to happen to you over and over again as you make your way through the Federal Bureau of Control and the functionality is the same every time: click that switch three times.

I stayed here once in 1977. Met a one-legged woman named Marie. French woman, smoked like a chimney and walked like a pirate, but that accent…cut through me like butter knife left in the sun. I didn’t see much of the ocean on that trip, but I still remember the smell of cigarettes in the motel sheets. Wait. What were we talking about again?

You are gonna click the switch once, and nothing is going to happen. So then, confused, you will click it again. That time you will see the color palate of your surroundings change. Convinced that something is gonna happen, you will click the switch again and be transported to the Oceanview. Dimensional travel!

Once in the motel, you will notice a door on your right that is locked. Your goal here is always the same – access the key that unlocks that door.

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The trick to getting to the key is ding the bell on the check-in counter. If you watch down the far hall as you ding the bell, you will notice that various doors open and close with each ‘ding’. The first ding opens the first door. Ding it again, and the first door closes, opening the second door, and so on (there are only three doors).

There is usually a puzzle tied to what’s going on in those three rooms, and the puzzle is rarely that tough once you know how to open and close the doors. Usually, it involves just matching stuff up in all three rooms, and the key will appear in the last room.

I want to turn on that radio, but last time I did it started blaring LL Cool J’s ‘I Need Love’. The Oceanview Motel is a cruel mistress.

If you have any trouble, just start back at the first room and try again. Match the times on the clocks to the clock on the desk. Flip the painting upside down. Push in all the chairs. Stuff like that. You’ve got this, you don’t need me.

Enjoy your time at the Oceanview Motel! Its one of the more clever (and weird) parts of an already extremely clever (and weird) game. Have fun with those end-game battles!