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Darksiders 3 All Humans Locations

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Darksiders 3 is the newest installment in the Darksiders franchise. With it’s return come a slew of collectibles to find. We’ve taken the time to put together a guide that will help you get the Humanitarian trophy by finding all the remaining humans scattered around the world. There are twenty in total to find and finding them all will net you three different trophies.

Darksiders 3 All Humans

  1. Story
  2. Nether Close to the Splintered Station Vulgrim Location
  3. Nether: Close to the Tangled Grotto Vulgrim Location
  4. Haven: North End Vulgrim Location
  5. Bonelands: In warehouse before croossing gap to Angel Hideout
  6. Bonelands
  7. Bonelands: Can’t miss part of story path
  8. Bonelands: After defeating Lust
  9. Haven: On the way to makers Forge
  10. Haven: Second floor of the Makers Forge
  11. Scar: Close to the Drilling Annex Vulgrim Location Must use Ice powers to climb up walls
  12. Haven: Crossroads Next to Vulgrim Location
  13. Nether: Tangled Grotto Must have Force powers
  14. Nether: Tangled Grotto Must have Force Powers
  15. Nether: Up the stairs right next to the Cistern Vulgrim Location
  16. The Depths: Must use Ice and Force Powers Next to the Sunken Tracks Vulgrim Location
  17. The Depths: Must have Ice Powers
  18. Scar: Must have Ice Powers
  19. The Depths In the underwater are. Must have Force Powers
  20. North End: Behind wall that can be broken with Force weapons

You can see the exact Human locations in the video walkthrough below.

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