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David Jaffe’s Gaming Division is Closing

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David Jaffe has confirmed via Twitter that his studio Bartlet Jones is to close after laying off many staff last month.

Jaffe took to social media to offload memorabilia that resides at the company’s California offices, including items from God of War and Twisted Metal.

Jaffe insisted the items were going for free, rather than being sold.

Some lucky soul is getting this God of War Kratos statue.



We wish all those affected by the closure the best, and hope they find new employment in the industry soon.


What a day! The PSN suffers huge problems, the day God of War’s release date was announced, and now its former director has to announce severe layoffs at his new development company. Such is the misfortune of David Jaffe’s game/ghost hunting (yes really) studio Bartlet Jones.

Jaffe, who worked on PlayStation classics God of War and Twisted Metal, took to Twitter to announce that Bartlet Jones had to make a significant cut to staff at the San Francisco company’s gaming division. This was caused, at least in part, by an unexpected project cancellation.

The team’s last game was sketchbook-influenced arena shooter Drawn to Death. The game finally released on PS4 in April last year, and instantly got added to PlayStation Plus. It unfortunately wasn’t well received, gaining only a metacritic score of 56.

PlayStation Universe gave the game a respectable 7/10, with reviewer Garri Bagdasarov saying

Drawn to Death is another unique title from David Jaffe and his new studio. Not only is Drawn to Death’s art style unique, but its gameplay is also solid fun. The true test for Drawn to Death will see how it stays relevant in an already crowded genre.

That last line says it all sadly. Drawn to Death did struggle, and it’s hard to look at this latest development with Bartlet Jones and not think it had an impact.

It’s a sad day when any studio has to let hard-working staff go. The fact that it happens mid-project is only going to sting more for those affected.

Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency (to give it its full name) features Jaffe, but also Nick Kononelos, formerly of SCEA. The agency's Technical Director is longtime industry vet and rockstar programmer Michael Riccio, who worked for SCEA, and High Moon Studios previously.