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Days Gone Update 1.80 Hits PS4 With Key Bug Fixes

SIE Bend Studio has rolled out the Days Gone update 1.80 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which comes with a bunch of key bug fixes for the PS4 open-world horror romp.

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Performance Improvements

  • Various crash fixes
  • General improvements to stability and optimization

Progression Blockers

  • Addressed multiple mission blockers
  • Fixed blocker where you can get locked in Iron Mike’s cabin in mission “Riding Nomad”

Days Gone was release for the PS4 in April 2019, and you can read our full review here. Sony later released the game for the PC, a trend it seems to be doing a lot lately with first-party PlayStation games.

Sadly, Bend Studio is not working on Days Gone 2 for its next project. However, the game’s director did pitch the idea of a follow-up, which would have included online co-op integration. Last month, Hermen Hulst teased that Bend’s new title features a ‘great new concept.’

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