Destiny 2 DLC: Bungie wants your suggestions


Bungie has confirmed it’s seeking your feedback regarding the first Destiny 2 DLC, which is rumored to be titled Curse of Osiris.

First Destiny 2 DLC coming late 2017

Christopher Barrett, Bungie’s Game Director, posted on Twitter: “What would you most like to see in the first expansion?

Barrett has plenty of experience when it comes to post-launch DLC for Destiny, having worked on the original game’s Rise of Iron expansion. 

If the first Destiny 2 DLC is indeed Curse of Osiris, then early details have suggested that the Hive will be the primary enemy to face.

Other than that, we haven’t heard exactly what Bungie has in store for the game’s first expansion. It’s expected to arrive in winter 2017.

Regardless, the former Halo developer has promised that Destiny 2 will not be hurting for content in the coming months. This is in direct response to the original game, which suffered from numerous content droughts to the detriment of its player base. 

Players have the Destiny 2 Iron Banner to look forward too later this month, and there’s also the new Faction Rallies to take part in. It also reached 1.2 million concurrent players on the Friday after launch.

Destiny 2 was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2017. A PC version of the game will turn up later this month.

The game was an immediate commercial success, topping the U.K. Charts despite failing to meet its predecessor’s heights in terms of launch sales. 

Now that players have already blasted through the story (and hopefully, finished the Leviathan Raid), you’ll be taken part in the Destiny 2 Endgame experience. 

This allows you to mop up on any remaining Adventures, Lost Sectors, and other activities, as well as tackling the weekly Nightfall and Flashpoint missions. The biggest task you have is to raise your Power Level to the current maximum of 300, which isn’t easy.