Destiny 2 gets Adventures, Lost Sectors, and much more


Bungie has shared more details on Destiny 2, including the new side quest system known as Adventures and how the studio has changed Public Events for the highly anticipated sequel.

A new IGN video showcases a team landing on Nessus and getting mixed up in a Public Event, with Bungie stating that they have taken much of what they learned with Court of Oryx and other PvE-based events and implemented them into the Public Events for the new game. Gamers can now tackle optional objectives, for example, which, when triggered, unlock higher difficulties for that specific public event.

Adventures, the new side quests available in Destiny 2, are an evolution of the quests from Destiny: The Taken King. In other words, they deliver a fully-voiced story that provides context to the events that take place on the planet you encounter them on.

World Quests are a larger version of Adventures, and function in a similar manner in the sense they are narrative-heavy but take you on a much greater journey across any given planet. However, World Quests are only unlocked once you complete Destiny 2’s main campaign.


Elsewhere, Bungie shed the spotlight on Lost Sectors, a brand new feature for the shared-world sequel. These areas are identified by white graffiti on walls, but players will have to locate the exact entrance themselves. Once inside, you’ll encounter a few enemies and a boss to defeat, which rewards you with a loot chest.

Those of you who enjoyed tackling the weekly Nightfall Strike in Destiny will probably want to check out the new Flashpoints. These take place in the open-world and are refreshed every week, and require you to complete Public Events on a specific planet to earn rewards. Once you accomplish this, you’ll face off against a special boss that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Destiny 2 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2017, with a PC version rolling out in October. It’s worth remembering that today is the last time you can check out the Destiny 2 beta before it shuts up shop following its extension. 

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