destiny 2 The Vow

Destiny 2: The Vow, Crimson Days Bow, Is A Must-Have

It’s here Guardians, Crimson Days 2019. The annual Destiny 2 event that celebrates Valentines Day is back and Shaxx is the host. Shaxx every year brings Crimson Doubles to the world of Destiny and this year is no different. Now he has bounties that reward Confectionery Hearts. These candy hearts, that resemble Conversation Hearts, are the currency to buy Crimson Day specific items. Items including the exotic Sparrow named Undeterred, and the new legendary bow: The Vow.

From the surface, this new bow doesn’t look special. However, with the perks Rapid Hit and Archer’s Tempo, this bow fires faster and more accurately after every position hit. The Rapid Hit perk increases stability and reloads speed with rapid precision hits, while Archer’s Tempo decreases after every precision hit. These two perks in tandem with the bow coming fully master worked for draw time means this bow has the fastest draw times of any exotic bow.

The bow’s benefits do not end there. If you are a Guardian still hunting that coveted 650 power level The Vow drops at 650 and is an energy weapon attuned to solar.

How to Get The Vow

If you played Destiny 2 during the 2018 Festival of the Lost you will remember the grind to The Horror Story. Luckily, to obtain The Vow it requires far less time commitment. When you head over to Shaxx in The Tower you will notice he now has many Crimson Day’s bounties. These bounties range from defeating enemies with solar damage for a daily to completing a Nightfall with a fireteam of two as the weekly.

Daily bounties reward 15 Confectionery Hearts while the weekly will reward 75. These bounties aren’t hard to complete, but with only a week to complete them you may need to play some Crimson Doubles in the Crucible. These matches are 2v2 and will move quickly. Luckily however even losses grant 5 Confectionery Hearts while wins grant 7.

Crimson Days, like Love, is fleeting. By the time you realize its here its leaving. However, if you jump on the opportunity this weekend you will have plenty of time to acquire all rewards from the event.

With a good friend, you can complete one Nightfall for 75 Hearts along with one daily anywhere in the game and have enough Confectional Hearts for The Vow. I hope this guide helps you acquire this unique bow that will only be here until February 19th. Good luck Guardian. Also, be sure to keep an eye out on PSU for any news on the upcoming season; Jokers Wild.